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I recently filled out a “self-interview” on the website. Click on this link BookGoodies Interview to check out some of my thoughts on the writing process, writing advice, publishing, and about my novel, Prairie Hill

Here is a sample:

What inspires you to write?

I can’t really imagine not writing. When I was a little kid I adored listening to my father and grandmother tell amusing tales and I loved their reading bedtime stories to me. I began reading as soon as I could and then my teachers complained that I would get lost in books. I found diary/journal writing a wonderful way of capturing the world around me, slowing it down, allowing me to ponder and try to understand. I began to write fiction in my teens, at first autobiographically, but after a time using my imagination more and more. Editing literary magazines taught me so much about writing. My son, who constantly craved “pretend stories” on our walks together, inspired me. Now, my journal is ever more narrative and I dream stories. I feel happiest when writing. There is nothing I like better to do.

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  1. Christina Wilsdon
    Mar 24, 2013 @ 11:58:15

    Wow, your teachers complained about your getting lost in books? Sheesh. And think how many teachers nowadays would be thrilled if their students would just pick one up!


    • Fred Burwell
      Mar 24, 2013 @ 18:05:18

      Yes, I had a teacher in third grade who became upset when she discovered that I had continued reading into the “non-reading” period. Another elementary school teacher wrote “becomes completely absorbed in books” on my report card and it wasn’t clear whether that was a compliment or whether she was chiding me. I have very fond memories of the walls of books in the school library, working my way through the fiction and biography (the “childhood and youth of famous people” type) sections, especially, also bringing home thin paperbacks from the Scholastic Book Fairs at school and of course, hunting for books at tag sales, flea markets and junk stores, building up quite a library. Another topic for a blog post sometime! Thanks for writing.


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